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Saying Goodbye to Uncomfortable Clothing

Shoes that pinch my toes. Tops with no give in the shoulders. Necklaces that are too heavy. Dresses I can’t breathe in. I’m not doing it any longer.

I used to wear pants so tight, that when sitting at a circus performance I popped a few Tylenol because my legs were hurting so much! I’ve worn heels so high, that I’ve had a few drinks purely to take my mind off my feet. I’ve had scarves that are so heavy, they give me a headache. What the hell was I thinking?

We say things like, “Fashion over function” and “No pain, no gain” and “Beauty is pain”. What kind of propaganda is this? It’s delusional. Who says we can’t be beautiful and comfortable at the same time? This is the challenge I give to you.

Part of the idea behind¬†Dress Kindly¬†is the philosophy of dressing in such a way that it honours my body, and a big part of that is comfort. It is hard for me to say goodbye to things that look great on me, but allowing myself to wear things that ACTUALLY HURT is a disrespect to myself. I am making a vow to myself to say farewell to anything that isn’t doing my body justice. Goodbye, beautiful Nine West pointed-toe black flats. Goodbye, dark blue jeans that make my butt look so good but leave lines on my legs. Goodbye, heavy fun necklace made of purple-dyed agate. Goodbye, pain in the name of looking good.

Do you have anything in your wardrobe that hurts? Why are you keeping it? With millions of options out there, I believe we can all find ones that feel good. Let’s make that the standard and the expectation. Demand it for yourself! We have no reason to settle for less.