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The “No Shampoo” Movement is a Hoax

Or at least, that’s how it felt to me when I was on day four of no shampoo and looked like a swamp monster. Or just a very unclean street urchin. Yikes! I promised that I would update, so this is me doing that right now.

Honestly, who came up with this? It did NOT work for me. I cannot go without shampoo. Not so long as I desire human contact. (And as an extrovert, my desire is higher than most.)

I know some people swear by it… but I just wanted to go on record saying that it did not work for me. I’ll take my silicone-coated silky smooth hair over this grease nest ANY DAY. I realize that I was supposed to wait five weeks before I would expect to see results, but c’mon. I have a life, people!

Has anyone had better luck than me? Is this something that really works for people?


Trying to do No Shampoo

Inspired by a number of bloggers who have gone down this route (like Ariana at Paris to Go), and being a huge fan of minimalism and anything that saves time, I’ve been really wanting to try the No Shampoo movement.

Right now I’m on Day 3 of No Shampoo. I used to wash my hair every second day with Pantene shampoo and conditioner. The Long Hair Community (and they know their stuff!) will tell you that Pantene uses silicones (or something) and that it’s bad for your hair. All I know is that it made my hair incredibly silky and frizz-free, looking shiny and divine. It gave me the kind of hair that other women are jealous of while they pretend not to mind that all you did was air-dry your hair. Anyway. That hair is gone to me now!

Now I’ve got hair that is frizzy (thanks, no conditioner!) and feels thick (in a bad way) because it’s erm… greasy. I cheated and shampooed my bangs because there is nothing worse than bangs in need of a wash. The good parts are that my hair has intense volume (thanks to frizz?) and I’m seeing a whole lot of wave going on. My hair was pretty straight before but would flip at the ends and hold a curl really well if I ever bothered to style it. I’m hoping that No Shampoo will give me a little more wave and bounce! That’d be great.

And hey, if I could save $20 every four months and 20 minutes every two days, that would make this pathway totally worth it.