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The “No Shampoo” Movement is a Hoax

Or at least, that’s how it felt to me when I was on day four of no shampoo and looked like a swamp monster. Or just a very unclean street urchin. Yikes! I promised that I would update, so this is me doing that right now.

Honestly, who came up with this? It did NOT work for me. I cannot go without shampoo. Not so long as I desire human contact. (And as an extrovert, my desire is higher than most.)

I know some people swear by it… but I just wanted to go on record saying that it did not work for me. I’ll take my silicone-coated silky smooth hair over this grease nest ANY DAY. I realize that I was supposed to wait five weeks before I would expect to see results, but c’mon. I have a life, people!

Has anyone had better luck than me? Is this something that really works for people?