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How to Grow Out Your Bangs

Just do it.

Seriously – you just have to commit. Aren’t you tired of your bangs being messed up by every little thing? I mean, the wind will make them look all crazy, sleeping on them can make them look bad, if they grow too long or get cut too short: bad! And if you’re not careful, they make you look like a small child. Not to mention the fact that bangs often get greasy before the rest of your hair does. There are so many instances where bangs look awful… but they certainly do a good job at covering the forehead. It’s the reason I’ve had bangs for YEARS. And then I decided I’ve had enough. After over ten years of getting my bangs trimmed once a month, and having horrific experiments at home when I attempted to trim them myself… I’ve said ENOUGH. I’m growing them out. And I’ve got a plan.

Loads of women with long oval faces go without bangs, and they look great. Their secret? THE SIDE PART.

The side part creates an optical illusion, confusing the viewer and making them think your face is not actually as big as it truly is. Hooray! Annoyance of bangs, be gone! Side part, welcome to my life.


As you can see with my beautiful model Sandra Bullock, a side part is gorgeous on those with a longer oval face and large forehead. A part down the middle is not as flattering. Other tips to be mindful of: super long hair will make your face look long. I know you want long flowing locks but consider a sassy and more Parisian length of haircut. Short is hot. Rock it. But make sure to have body or volume on the sides, to give your face the illusion of width. Straightening your hair will – you guess it – lengthen the face. Avoid, please!

And a big shout out to my gal Kandee Johnson, for inspiring me to say farewell to my bangs. She rocks the side part so good.

Hopefully these tips make it easier for you to get rid of the bane of your existence your bangs. If that’s what you want.