What if everything you owned was already enough?

I think there can be a lot of pressure when you’re striving to build the perfect wardrobe. Even more so when you’re working with a capsule wardrobe: there are must-have lists, and gaps you need to fill. Sometimes I get quite caught up in the notion that my wardrobe needs something and if I don’t have it, it feels like a big void that MUST be filled.

Example: I bought a pair of Frye ankle boots that were on sale for $185 (regular $500!) and they were great aside from the fact that they were half a size too small for me. Foolishly, I planned on getting them stretched and living happily ever after. I took them to two different cobblers, had them stretched twice, and they still hurt my poor little fit. What a waste of money! Oh well, time to move on. I have removed the ankle boots from my wardrobe because they hurt, and I believe in wearing things that honour my body.

So now I had this big ominous gap: no ankle boots! I had shoes, sandles, and boots with a high upper, but no ankle boots! What a dilemma! I immediately set out to buy a new perfect pair of ankle boots… but then I realized: what if I didn’t? What if I just made do with the footwear options I owned? Would that be so bad? I’ve looked at must-have lists like this one which is actually quite good, but now I’m abandoning the idea completely. I don’t HAVE to have ANYTHING. I can just enjoy what I own. That’s the true minimalist wardrobe: get rid of everything that hurts, looks bad, and doesn’t fit. Presto, minimalism! Done!

I think living in North American has taken me far away from the idea of making do with what I already own. Living in such a comfortable and rich country makes it far to easy to collect and check off the list of things I am supposed to have. But I’m going to try and do things a little differently. Embrace the gaps. Abolish the must-have list. Because everything I already own, really is enough.


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