Never Buy Clothing Again! How to Host a Clothing Swap

I rarely buy clothing, but I freshen up my wardrobe often. How? CLOTHING SWAPS. They are a budget fashionista’s dream come true!

How does it work? Well, you invite a ton of your friends (and their friends, and your neighbours, coworkers, anyone and everyone) and they come to your house with food and clothes and everyone swaps for free. It’s amazing. Below I’ve put a draft of info you can use to detail your Facebook event or email invite:

Clothing Swap and Potluck!

Make some room in your closet, bring your gently used clothing that you’re no longer wearing, and leave the party with some clothes that are new to you!

Bring clothes, shoes, purses, jewellery, scarves, and other accessories! Books, dvds, cds, and unused or lightly used cosmetics are also very much welcome.

Here’s how it works: give as good as you get, and it’s first come first serve – but we’re all friends here. Be considerate, and help others find cool new styles for themselves! I have found that with so many different tastes and sizes, this always works out well and there is TONS left over.

To make this even better, it’s a potluck! 🙂 So bring food and/or drink if you’d like to partake.

Friends welcome, as long as you can vouch for them! The more the merrier.

**Leftover clothing will be donated**
**Ladies only, and ages 12+**



This event is the social event of the year for me and my girlfriends! The older we get, the more rare it is for a bunch of gals to just get together and have a great time. It’s so fun to have a women-only party! The food gives it a really festive flair and donating the remaining clothing makes everyone feel like a philanthropist. It’s a win/win/win kinda party! In my friend group, we host them every six months (a winter edition and a summer edition). We find it’s useful to let everyone know that this is a bi-annual event, so that they can save items for the swap on an ongoing basis.

In the past, we put all the clothes into one big giant pile. But soon we found it’s hard to know which stuff you’ve already looked at, and which items are still buried. Now we organize by clothing type, and lay piles all around the room. We do categories such as: coats and jackets, dresses, pants, long-sleeved tops, short-sleeved tops, shoes, accessories, etc. It makes the whole thing more organized and easier to tell which areas you’ve already shopped.

If you’re worried that you don’t have friends your same size, stop fretting! Shoes, jewellery, accessories, and books are easily shared with people of every shape and size. Plus, the potluck angle means that people always have something they can bring and share. Don’t over-think it – just do it! You’ll have a blast. I hosted a clothing swap last weekend and I got plenty of new lovely things. Because everything is free, it’s a great opportunity to try styles you wouldn’t normally pick up in-store. Try it for six months, and if it doesn’t actually work, you can put it into the next swap. Another good thing is that this will help you keep your wardrobe curated: you’re constantly on the lookout for items that don’t fit your needs. Put ’em in the swap pile!

If you have any questions about clothing swaps, comment below or feel free to email me.


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