Meeting with a Fashion Consultant: Closet Audit

My first meeting with a fashion consultant can be found here.

After all the fun we had doing window-shopping and discussing my style, it was time to look at my closet. We went through every single item.

Things I am not allowed to buy more of:

  • Black Dresses (7!)
  • Plaid Shirts (3)
  • Black Skirts (5)
  • Black footwear (9)

When you have a minimalist capsule wardrobe like I do, these are actually really high numbers! I can hardly believe how many black dresses I have (I went and counted them twice because I was in such disbelief), and while they’re all quite different from each other, it’s still a little ridiculous when you compare it to some of the capsule wardrobes out there.


I learned some cool tips:

  • Collared long-sleeved shirts can be worn open and like a jacket, or buttoned-up and underneath a sweater or a structured dress.
  • You can use scarves as belts!
  • Some tops look better when worn backwards (what!? But it’s true!).
  • When wearing a top with a jacket or cardigan, make them different lengths from each other to avoid looking like you’re wearing a sweater set.

We didn’t get rid of much because I was already rocking a minimalist wardrobe. A few items were set aside to be altered, like my lace Aritzia top that has the world’s tiniest arm holes (I’m just going to cut them bigger and sew the seams). I let go of a few items that felt too young for me; my consultant emphasized that she doesn’t believe in dressing for an age and that you can wear whatever you want, but my personal comfort level is that if it feels “young” then it’s not what I want to wear.

I added a few more things to the “donate” pile, but for me it’s really a “clothing swap” pile! I hosted a clothing swap the very next day, and I’ll detail that in a future post.

All in all, it was very valuable to look at my closet with S. It is really useful to have an outside eye take a look at your closet. I was talking with my friends and we agreed that this would be useful if ANYONE looked at your closet with you! An objective viewpoint might be just what you need to see your clothing in a new way. Try it with your friends! Let me know how it goes.



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