Maximize Your Budget by Focusing on the Big Things

I am a jewellery fiend. I LOVE jewellery. But the problem with a bling addiction is that a tiny little ring can cost me $1000 or more! Can you imagine how many pieces of clothing I could buy for over $1000? A LOT.

I have had to train myself to realize that a wonderful coat, fitted pants, and a stupendous top are a lot more noticeable than a tiny bit of sparkle on my finger. Not to mention the fact that you can buy costume jewellery for mere dollars… why pay thousands when you can get a similar look for less?

So when you’re on a budget and are allotting funds, consider the impact of the purchase. Thinking about the more noticeable, larger items, is a great way to develop a strong sense of style. No one is noticing your tiny ring. (Ok, except me, because I’m jewellery-obsessed, but most people are really not noticing. Trust me.)

If you ARE going to spend money on jewellery, at least make it inexpensive or big enough to see! Sterling silver is a great value, and if you like the look of gold but need it to cost less, search for “gold filled” pieces. Etsy has lots of them. It’s not plated so it’ll actually stay a gold colour, but it’s considerably cheaper than real 14k gold options.



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