Why I Love Minimalist Fashion

When I was twelve, I hated shopping. My grandmother was a real fashionista and she would ask me, WHY do you not like shopping? To her, it was the greatest thing. She really curated her outfits and was always impeccably dressed. I slowly came around to her line of thinking, and when I was in my teens I experimented with a lot of looks. Some days I’d wear punk princess dresses a la Avril Lavigne and then other days I’d wear baggy jeans with an oversized black hoodie. My sense of style was kind of all over the place and not really well-defined.

When I discovered this big minimalism trend, I was THRILLED. I find it very overwhelming to think of putting together many different outfits, but if I can ask myself to cycle through just a few clothing options then I’m ready to breathe a sigh of relief. Whew! I can do that. In addition, if I’m wearing only a few items of clothing, I can invest in those items and feel not-so-guilty if I buy something expensive.

To me, minimalist fashion is all about focus. It’s a delight to be able to hone in on what you truly love, instead of wearing a bunch of clothes you bought for the wrong reasons and you never felt good in. I’m wearing only what I loooooove. It is nice. And my closet is tiny and organized, too.

Are you a fan of minimalist fashion? What do you think?


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