Developing a Signature Style

One of my favourite fashion websites is into-mind.

She has an incredible post about how to find your signature style. I love her writing because she really lays it out for you, step-by-step. Not like the fashion magazines where they say: HEY, THIS LOOKS GREAT. And then I have to sit there wondering why. It is not natural for me to realize why something works well and looks good.

For me, fashion is not intuitive. I need information. Anuschka takes me by the hand and gives me a process to follow. This is why I love her.

Part of the process involves being able to describe your signature style. I made the Pinterest board (as she recommends) and I drew together some common themes. I like a lot of black, and I like leather but also cashmere, soft cozy and warm. I like edgy but still classy. In short, my style is Audrey Hepburn meets Punk Rock. Haha! I like it. It fits me.


What is your signature style?


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